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After a successful career in real estate, Mitch Allen opened his namesake design studio with a mission of creating homes that elevate his clients’ everyday lives. During the pandemic, home became a more significant and more sacred space than ever and that shift in perspective motivated Mitch and team to create an online shop that would embody their design philosophy that beautiful, functional homes should be attainable for everyone. The home wares and decor that they curate for the shop embody Mitch’s signature style—a relaxed and distinctly Californian approach to timeless interiors. From their studio in San Diego, Mitch Allen Interiors offer a curation of pieces from artisans from down the street and around the world. Their commitment to authentic living is evident in every facet of their business, from the ethics of the products they source to the experience they create for customers.



We focus on sourcing products that are sustainably made with natural products, chemical free dyes, and low CO2 emmission. From our makers manufacturing to our recyclable packaging, we're mindful of our footprint.


The majority of our products are made by hand from over 1,400 artisans in more than a dozen countries around the world. From female artisans, to multi-generational small businesses, we have focused on the unique.


Our goal is to live a more authentic & simple life, and that begins at home. Curating our inventory is carefully approached to be aware of how each piece is crafted. Focusing on a simple, modern aesthetic, where quality is at the core.

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